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Health Care
  HOCW provides health education classes on topics including personal hygiene, sexually transmitted diseases, and the safe preparation of food... read more  
Social Entrepreneurship
  HOCW founded and hosts a Community Collective, where women make a variety of products to sell in Uganda and abroad. The Collective is comprised of the... read more  


Language Classes

HOCW offers English classes at four different levels—the Very Beginning Class, Beginning Class, Intermediate Class, and Advanced Class. Our students work toward passing the UNHCR English exam. So far we have 100 graduates. Basic classes in Lugandan, Swahili, and French classes are also available.

Computer Class

HOCW offers a basic computer class covering typing, creating and accessing files, and using the internet.

Math Class

HOCW offers a basic math class geared towards clients who did not receive formal education in math or for students who learned math skills in a different language but want to learn math in English.

Business Class

HOCW partners with the Finnish Refugee Council to offer a basic business skills class. Upon completion of the course, students are provided with a $400 loan to start a small business.


HOCW has a small library of novels and educational books available for lending to clients. These allow students to practice their language skills or explore more advanced topics of particular interest.

School Fees

In Uganda, for a child to attend school, parents must pay a minimum of $300 per year for day school (school fees alone) or $750 per year for boarding school (including school fees, meals, and housing.) The majority of the families that HOCW serves cannot afford these fees, and HOCW partners with international donors to sponsor children’s education.